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Free Range Beef

At Forthill we rear Longhorn and Belted Galloway as we believe that they provide the higest quality beef. While some of the meat carries more fat than that on the shelves of the supermarkets, we make no apologies for this. Fat naturally bastes meat while it cooks, giving succulence and added flavour.

Once the meat is cooked, you can always trim away any excess. And fat on meat is not always the concern that some would have us believe. For the health conscious, meat from traditional breeds usually carries higher proportions of polyunsaturated fats that do not adversely affect the body’s cholesterol level.

As an added bonus, joints of pork carry delicious crispy crackling and beef melts in the mouth.Belted Galloway beef – meat that has flavour and quality few realise, but once tasted no one will forget. You will find that the enhanced flavours, juicy succulence and tenderness will turn any meal into an occasion.

All our beef is hung on the bone and left to mature for a minimum of three weeks.









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