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Belted Galloway

Belted Galloways are a hardy breed that originated on the exposed uplands of Galloway, in the south west of Scotland.

Colours are black, dun, or red, all with the characteristic white belt, which completely encircles the body. These naturally polled hill cattle are eminently suited for converting rough grazing into lean meat. Their double coat of long hair, to shed the rain, and soft undercoat, for warmth, eliminates the need for expensive housing.

"A few days ago I ate a roast which I'd like to believe is the taste of beef to come. The meat was a rib of a rare British beast, a Belted Galloway. Cooked alongside it was a pretty splendid piece of Aberdeen Angus, but there was no contest. The Galloway had a silky texture and though it was dangerously red and rare, it was as tender as meat has any right to be, its juices keen and appetising." Michael Bateman in the Independent on Sunday


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