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Customer Comments

July 10 Farm Shop (RD)
I got some of your beef and pork and can only say it was the nicest beef and bacon I have ever tasted, everyone who ate some said the same.

Sep 10 Crawfordsburn (DS)
I was down and got some of your beef and also bacon and pork sausages. I would highly recommend anyone to try these for quality and flavour. I have travelled to many places to get meat but never have I tasted bacon like it, also it is good value for money. I will definitely be back.

Sep 10 Loughgall (ED)
Congratulations on your rump steaks we bought at Loughgall on Monday. We barbequed them and they were the tenderest steaks we think we have ever eaten. Thank you so much.

Crawfordsburn Jan 2011 (GT)
When I went home I couldn't resist putting the pan on to fry some bacon to make a 'bacon buttie' - and was it ever good! I can honestly say that it was the best bacon I've tasted for many years. When I looked at the bacon fat in the pan afterwards it brought back fond memories of my late Mum tossing the boiled cabbage in the pan after frying bacon and I wished I'd had some cabbage in the house to do the same thing - nothing beats a good old fashioned dinner of fried bacon and cabbage and a pile of nice floury boiled spuds and butter. Yummy!

Feb 11 (RK) Farm Shop
Just had to let you know we had some of your braising steak last night - incredibly delicious - I don't think I've experienced beef as succulent before. Thanks.





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