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Rare Breeds Support Group NI ni.rbst.org.uk

British Pig Association www.britishpigs.org

British Saddleback Pigs www.saddlebacks.org.uk

Gloucestershire Old Spots www.oldspots.org.uk

Belted Galloway Cattle Society www.beltedgalloways.co.uk

Longhorn Cattle Society www.longhorncattlesociety.com

In the Media

Gary & Danielle Lineker visited Forthill Farm as part of the BBC's - Northern Exposure Programme, Click Here to see their visit!


Last year Forthill Farm was featured on UTV Fabulous Food Adventure with Jenny Bristow and Barry McGuigan. Kenny showed them the Longhorn cattle then took them into the Farm Shop showed them the meat and gave them a variety of cuts to BBQ and have a 'taste test'. Both Barry and Jenny stated that they preferred fillet steak to any other cut but after tasting our chump they said it was on a par with fillet. Interviewed before the series was screened Barry stated that the 'highlight of the series for him was Kenny Gracey's beef' Click Here for more info


Farm Week TV - Feature Video 

NI Tourist Board Booklet - NI Taste and Tell Tour from www.discovernorthernireland.com/groups


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