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Free Range Pork

Our pork and bacon is of the highest quality and comes from pigs that are bred and reared to exceptionally high welfare standards.

All our meat is fully traceable as we only sell what is bred and reared by us. We specialize in dry cured bacon and gammon using the old traditional methods. We produce succulent pork roasts and belly of pork. We also have a wide range of hand made sausages which contain a minimum of 80% meat varieties.

Sausages contain a minimum 80% meat. Varieties include apple, garlic, leek, chives, cider, Cumberland, sweet chilli, honey & brandy or variety of your choice. Bacon and gammon are dry cured using the old traditional methods.

We have had our pork scientifically tested along with other leading brands, the results show our pork is up to 10 times higher in omega 3s and 6s also other tests have shown that the fat from traditional pigs is higher in polyunsaturated fatty acids which have health benefits.












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